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Report, proof
Address notification Report of family register Seal registration Various certificates Passport application
Pension, insurance
National pension National Health Insurance Care insurance Medical system for elder senior citizens
Advanced age, care
Care insurance, the care prevention Senior welfare
House and environment
Water supply The sewer Garbage Public housing Radiation dose Residential land (Urara village) Empty house bank Circular notice (head of a ward distribution document) Public transport in the town block Convenience book of living
Proof of tax Town prefectural tax (residence tax) Corporation townsman tax Property tax Light vehicle tax National Health Insurance tax Bath tax Deadline of the delivery Public auction information
Healthy promotion
Maternity health Medical checkup, examination Various vaccinations
Elementary and junior high school Cultural assets Cultural activities Lifelong learning Physical education facility Lunch center Minakami City culture center
Child care
Child institution, nursery school Child Rearing Allowance Children's allowance Convalescence child childcare Local child care support center famisapo
Town assembly
News from assembly Member of the Diet list The minutes Assembly calendar

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List of disaster prevention information

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